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Events & Seminars



Please consult the FICPI International web site for further details.

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2024 // FICPI-ABC Meeting 2024 - Edinburgh
Location:  Edinburgh,  United Kingdom
Date:  15 - 18 Jun 2024
The American, British and Canadian ("ABC") national groups of FICPI are planning to hold another FICPI-ABC Meeting in 2024 in the UK. The exact dates and location will be confirmed in due course. The meeting will be open to all. Read More at FICPI International
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FICPI + FICPI-Korea // 2025 Symposium
Date:  01 - 04 Apr 2025
Save the date for the FICPI International and FICPI-Korea joint symposium. Read More at FICPI International

Details of upcoming FICPI Canada meetings will be added.

Recurring Meetings

FICPI International holds a World Congress every three years, for FICPI members only, and an Open Forum in the intervening two years between each World Congress. Open Fora are not restricted to FICPI members and welcome participants representing industry, governmental and legislative bodies and other interested parties.

A tri-partite group consisting of the National Associations of FICPI Canada and FICPI UK, and the National Section of USA, holds an annual FICPI ABC CONFERENCE, to which FICPI members are invited.

The AGM for FICPI Canada is typically held at an appropriately scheduled ABC or FICPI International event.


FICPI Canada periodically offers its Claim Drafting Clinic and Opinion Drafting Clinic for junior members of the patent profession. These programmes are conducted as a service for FICPI Canada members and are run at or near cost; FICPI Canada does not expect to make a profit.

Claim Drafting Clinic

The Claim Drafting Clinic includes lectures and workshops dedicated to drafting patent claims. The workshops consider all new drafting exercises, not repeated from prior FICPI Canada Clinics. It is targeted to trainees who intend to write the qualifying examinations.

Each candidate must have at least one year of experience as a patent agent trainee. FICPI Canada typically admits no more than 40 trainees, on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to applicants sponsored by a FICPI Canada member.

Opinion Drafting Clinic

The Opinion Drafting Clinic focuses on the preparation and drafting of patentability, infringement, and validity opinions. The Clinic is designed to address common problems seen in typical IP practice and in the Patent Agent exams.

The clinics are run by experienced tutors. Although it is not necessary that participants intend to write the Patent Agents Qualifying Examinations during the same year, the clinic will be of most benefit to candidates that have at least two years of experience as a patent agent trainee or as a junior patent lawyer.

Participation is typically limited to 40 students, on a first come, first served basis, with preference to FICPI Canada members.